"I had counseling sessions with Robin ten years ago when my father died and I developed depression. She helped me immensely and I have been depression-free to date. " P.M.

" I had seen about 15 therapists and 9 psychiatrists over a 20 year period for my serious depression with suicidal thoughts, with very little progress. I started seeing Ron in September and at our family Christmas party people kept asking my husband why I was so happy? it was because I was. His use of CBT was amazing. That was two years ago and it hasn't come back."-D.A.

" When I came to see Ron I truly hated myself. In a matter of weeks I could not remember why. I had been depressed and anxious most of my life and suddenly they were gone. I can't thank Ron enough" - M.S.

"I have utilized Ron's services on and off since 2012. After receiving some serious health diagnosis, I became depressed and needed to recenter and become grounded in my life. I am a much more developed person and continue to use the techniques Ron has helped me obtain.
I still meet with Ron when needed. I make appointments to "Check Myself". I know I can count on Ron to reinforce and help reconstruct goals and benchmarks. Thanks Ron" - G.R.