Perinatal & Postpartum Mood Disorders

1 out of 7 mothers may experience some form of postpartum it may present as anxiety, OCD, or depression. First time mothers may worry constantly about the welfare of their child, while ignoring their own needs.
These more severe symptoms can occur within the first year of motherhood. Sleep, appetite, mood, concentration, bonding with their child, lack of interest in activities , isolation and having scary thoughts can all be symptoms that something is not right. With hormonal shifts and role transitions, mothers wonder what is wrong with them, "why can’t I be like the mom’s on facebook or t.v. “ Husbands may pull away or struggle with their role as father’s .

Finding support is important for many reasons, to feel understood, cared for and supported. With the use of Cognitive Techniques, negative or disordered thoughts can be changed. When mother’s make the choice to enter into therapy they are helping themselves and their families. Self care is reinforced and getting into routines is encouraged. Most symptoms will reduce with therapy alone.