Take Back Control of Your Thoughts

Manage your depression by working with Yorkville, IL’s Ron Ahlberg, LCSW, CADC

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Struggling with depression? Help is just a phone call away. Feelings of depression actually arise from distorted thoughts, unrealistic expectations or our inability to accept our circumstances. The way you perceive any given situation is actually what dictates how you feel, not the situation itself. Work with Ron Ahlberg and Associates, LCSW, CADC to transform your life and learn how to change it. Through cognitive behavioral therapy, we’ll create an effective dialogue that equips you to argue against those depressive thoughts that get you down time and again.

Slowly, your mind will become conditioned to challenge those internal thoughts. Ron Ahlberg will help you to work on how you react to any given event and give you the tools you need to talk down any negative feelings that may crop up. Become the boss of your life again by starting your counseling journey today!