Flip the Script on Anxiety

Initiate change with an anxiety therapist in Yorkville or Lombard, IL

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Much of your anxiety stems from your reaction to any given situation. Control your emotions with assistance from Yorkville’s Ron Ahlberg and Associates, LCSW, CADC. Our therapists coach you to change your internal dialogue and combat those feelings. Through the use of cognitive behavioral techniques and behavioral exposure therapy, our therapists help you to identify and confront your feelings of anxiety at the source.

Keep in mind that anxiety is rarely the fault of a particular event. It’s actually our thoughts about the event that determine the physiological response. Ron Ahlberg helps you to identify those thoughts, embrace them and flip the script. You’ll learn to automatically defend yourself against negative thinking through the use of an internal dialogue. Together, we can change your situation and eliminate unhelpful thinking and behavior. Choose to take back your life and way of thinking. Schedule a consultation with Ron Ahlberg and Associates, LCSW, CADC today.