Don’t Let Your Anger Control Your Life

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Stop looking at anger as an obstacle to overcome, and start looking at it the right way. Ron Ahlberg and Associates, LCSW, CADC helps you to take a different perspective when it comes to your emotions. We’ll guide you through a cognitive approach that helps you realize your anger is merely a result of negative self-talk. Walk us through a typical day, and together we’ll identify common sources and causes of your anger.

Our goal with our Yorkville, Illinois practice is to prepare you against those trigger situations that previously served as the source of your emotions. Ron Ahlberg, LCSW, CADC shows you how to shift your thinking to the other end of the spectrum, and nip those feelings of anger in the bud before they become an issue. Call Ron Ahlberg and Associates, LCSW, CADC to begin the process today!