Become Your Own Best Resource in Fighting Addiction

Learn how through a cognitive behavioral therapist in Yorkville or Lombard, Illinois

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It’s happened time and again: you find yourself slowly losing an argument with yourself, reaching for the bottle and then beating yourself up. Let Ron Ahlberg and Associates, LCSW, CADC show you another way to live. Addiction actually results, like many psychological issues, from your own self-talk. Our therapy is designed using a paradoxical approach that allows you to play devil’s advocate to your own thoughts. You’ll become practiced in arguing against that internal dialogue that prods you towards giving into your addictions, defending yourself against temptation effectively.

Even a few sessions of addiction counseling are effective in treating addiction issues. Your own best resource to prevent relapse and live a happy, unencumbered life is yourself. Let us show you another way to live. Get in touch with Ron Ahlberg and Associates, LCSW, CADC to make an appointment today.